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Welcome to Ember

A contemporary and relaxed dining experience. Local, Seasonal, Simple.

Step into Ember, where every meal is a blend of warmth and flavour. Here, taste meets tranquility, and comfort meets creativity. Ember isn’t about flames but the inviting glow of shared meals and memorable conversations.

It’s a place where the warmth of togetherness, the heart of hospitality, and the spirit of slow, soulful dining shine. Come to Ember, where every visit rekindles the embers of good company and makes you feel at home.

Introducing the Talent Behind the Taste

Discover the exceptional talent behind Ember, James Kenny and Aaron Hyett.

James, with a rich background in Paris, Greece, London, and Denmark, including Noma, brings unparalleled expertise. Aaron, with over 12 years in diverse kitchens across Australia and New Zealand, has collaborated with Vue de Monde. Both chefs are dedicated to using seasonal, sustainable ingredients and crafting each dish with utmost care and creativity.

At Ember, their combined passion and experience create a dining experience that embodies warmth, flavour, and hospitality.

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Dining Precinct @ Grand Millennium Hotel, Auckland

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