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Seasonal Creativity

The Heart of Ember

Menu Introduction

Ember's menu is a celebration of globally inspired styles, deeply influenced by New Zealand’s seasonal bounty and the creativity of our talented team. Esteemed New Zealand Chef James Kenny, alongside Head Chef Aaron Hyett, leads our culinary journey with a commitment to 'cook with care and finesse, and to have respect and understanding for the ingredients.'

James has picked up techniques from his international stint in Paris, London, and Denmark, to bring the menu we share with you today. Each dish reflects their dedication to delivering a fun yet sophisticated dining experience without compromising on technique and flavour.


Scampi toast, pineapple hot sauce, coriander (DF)

Barbecued octopus, vadouvan butter, curry leaves, potato (GF)

Matangi beef tartare, caper, horseradish, gruyere custard (GF)


Spiced apple sundae, buttermilk caramel, milk ice cream

Fried bread & butter pudding, custard, citrus

House jelly, brown sugar cream, sherbet, tuile (V, GF)

Selection of Duck Island ice creams (VE, GF)

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