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Ember’s menu showcases a blend of global culinary styles, heavily influenced by New Zealand’s seasonal ingredients and the creativity of our chefs. Esteemed New Zealand Chef James Kenny, alongside Head Chef Aaron Hyett, guides our culinary direction with a philosophy to 'cook with care and finesse, and to have respect and understanding for the ingredients.'

From scampi toast with pineapple hot sauce to wagyu steak with Provence-style accompaniments, Kenny and Head Chef Aaron Hyett ensure a dining experience that is both fun and uncompromising in technique and flavour.

The Culinary Leadership Team

James Kenny


James Kenny is a renowned New Zealand chef with a rich background in both local and international kitchens. Originally from Papatoetoe, Kenny’s career highlights include training in Paris and chef roles in Greece, London (Gordon Ramsay’s The Boxwood), and Denmark (Copenhagen’s The Pescatarian and Noma).

In New Zealand, he has been Executive Chef at Palmer, Alberts, Cornwall Park Bistro, and Gerome. With over 16 years of experience, Kenny is committed to using seasonal produce, promoting sustainability, and ensuring personal wellbeing. His passion for travel and cultural immersion underscores his belief in food as a key element of his journey.

Aaron Hyett


With over 12 years of experience, Aaron Hyett is a rising talent in the hospitality scene, having cooked in diverse establishments across Australia and New Zealand.

Hyett has honed his expertise in Greek, Spanish, contemporary European, and fine dining cuisines. He has served as Head Chef at Palmer Bar & Restaurant and Senior Chef de Partie at Gerome and Cornwall Park Eateries. While at Corte in Melbourne, he collaborated with the renowned Vue de Monde.

Hyett’s culinary philosophy emphasises cooking with care and respect for ingredients, always striving to perform to the best of his abilities.

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